Indonesian Tsunmai, 2004 - Case Study

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Location and Background

Location: The epicentre was located in the Indian ocean just 160km off the Indonesian Coast, in the Sunda trrench, at the destructive indo-Asutrlaia - Eurasain plate boundary. The was hit most of SouthEast Asia about also India and parts of Africa - the worst affected area was Indonesia

Earthquake Magnitude: 9.1 - the rupture was 600km long and largely parallel to the Indonesian coastline

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Primary Impacts

  • Death Toll - 230,000 in 23 couuntries
  • 45,000 people injured
  • 1.7million people homeless
  • Roads, communications and buildings severely damaged
  • 1500 villages entiely destroyed in Sumatra alone
  • 60% of Sri Lanka's destroyed
  • Contaminated drinking water
  • Severe damage to habitats:- mangroves, coral reefs, forests and coastal wetlands
  • Agricultural areas destroyed
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Secondary Impacts

  • Unburied bodies increased the likelihood of disease such as Cholera and spread through the survivors
  • Hospitals were destroyed so there was little immediate help for the severely injured
  • many survivors will need long term trreatment to help them recoer from the psychological and emotional injuries as well as the physical
  • Destroyed roads prevented aid reaching remote areas and it took days for rescue teams to get to remote areas
  • Huge dent in Sri Lankan economy as fishing was primary source of foreign trade
  • People died of dehydration or waterbourne diseases
  • Tourism fell as people feared a repeat event
  • Ecosystems were destroyed and further damaged local commercial production an therefore the economy
  • $5billion in damages
  • altered the seabed in the Malacca strait, making shipping even more dangerous
  • Thousands of subsistence farmers were left unable to feed themselves - limited food suply and very expensive for survivors to purchase.
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