Individual ministerial responsibility


Nature of individual responsibility

Each minister individually responsible for matters that affect their own department seperately.

Also individually responsible for their own performance and conduct as minister.

1) Ministers must be accountable for policies/decisions made by their department - answering questions in Commons, interrogation by select committees.

2) Minister required to resign if serious error of judgement made.

3) If a serious error is made by the minister's department, the minister is honour-bound to resign.

4) If conduct of a minister falls below standards required of someone in public office, they should leave office and may face dismissal by PM.

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Erosion of ministerial responsibility

Resignation eg.s folllowing personal conduct

2012 Chris Huhne - Energy. Convicted of a serious criminal offence.

2012 Andrew Mitchell - Chief whip. Allegedly insulting a police officer in Downing Street using abusive language.

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