Indices Laws

the set of rules you need to know when it comes to indices.

sorry about all the symbols and so on, it's really difficult to do maths related things on the computer! :P

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Indices and How to use Them

a^1/n means ¬(n root)a

for example:

8^1/3 means 3¬(cube root) 8

= 2

a^m/n means (¬(n root) a)^m

for example:

32^3/5 means (5¬(5 root) 32)^3

= 8

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In Simpler Terms

a^1/2 means the square root of a

a^1/3 means the cube root of a

and any number on top of the indices is the number the square root of the number is to the power of.

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Negative Indices

a^-1/2 means 1/a^1/2

or in other words 1 over the square root of a.


a^-2 means 1/a^2

or in other words 1 over the square of a.

if the number is already a fraction, flip it over before you begin.

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