Increasing risks- venice and contanou

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  • world heritage site
  • known for agriculture - want to preserve land
  • long lagoon stretches from one river to another.
  • sea levels risen by 2 meters - floods 200 days of the year, before this only used to be 7 days a year
  • fresh water is not pumped out of the river and melting ice caps, silt and methane gas continue to city lowering - sinking land
  • moses project - gates raised when tides come to stop water
  • building buildings from impermeable rock?
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  • biggest city in west africa
  • population of over 1 million
  • narrow ***** of land
  • shoreline retreated by 400 meters - loss of 112 hectares of land
  • sea lever rise
  • ecosystems at risk - tourist area
  • if retreating still happend there will be a loss of holiday homes
  • construction of groynes - management 195 hectares of land will be lost in the next 20 years - implications of food growth, tsetse fly gives diseases
  • low sanitatin because of water.
  • malaria from mosquitos - trying to provide mosquito nets and vacinations in the long term
  • the land will still retreat - going to move Benin to keep people safe
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