Increase of crime in the 1920s

Why did crime increase in the 1920s

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Why did crime increase in the 1920s?

  • the introduction of prohibition in 1919
  • the success of some gangsters such as Al Capone led to more people becoming gangsters
  • ability to make easy money because of the high demand for liquor
  • the limited chance of being caught by the law because of endemic corruption.

Key Point

Many gangsters rose wanted to drink and Al Capone and other gangsters were just supplying a need with little chance of being caught because of corrupt policemen.

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How important was the impact of organised crime on


organised crime led to an increase in violence in the cities such as Chicago because of fights such as the St Valentines Day massacre and this caused general unease and fear

organised crime led to an increase in the amount of illicit liquor and drugs which meant social problems rose in the home   

organised crime led to an increase in racism against Italians because they were most associated with this

organised crime led to more ordinary people breaking the law to drink and have a good time and showed the instability of society

organised crime led to cynicism towards police and justice system        

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Not important

sections of society were left untouched by organised crime especially amongst Baptists in the South; here society was little changed

society was already suffering from the ‘perils of prosperity’, i.e. loosening of moral standards

gangsters were limited by the actions of the FBI and hence effect on society

organised crime had little effect on those who made their own narcotics and liquor

immigrant culture had an effect on society leading to gangs of different nationalities

prosperity/boom had an effect on society, e.g. on women

KKK caused fear in society

Entertainment industry was a greater influence with people copying their heroes.


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