Increase in Tourism

Why has there been an increase in tourism in the last 50 years

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Changes in tourism - Now and 50 years ago

  • More holidays available
  • Package holidays - cheaper so more people can travel
  • More technology - journeys are shorter and quicker - planes
  • Mass tourism - lots of people go to the same place  - because of cheap flights
  • More advertising and package deals
  • People from LEDC's taking holidays too eg. China
  • Anyone can afford to go on holiday - not just rich people
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Reasons for more tourists

  • increased wealth
  • increased leisure time - more holidays off work
  • improved transport - better roads, more car owners, regional airports
  • advertising
  • changing lifestyle eg. gap years
  • bigger range of holidays
  • more motivation - take a break from work
  • use to be booked through travel agents - now through websites
  • can research countries online and book everything online
  • websites attract people with sunny pictures
  • have slogans for the places to visit
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