In Verrem Chapter 68


part 1

postridie homines mane in contionem conveniunt; quaerunt quid optimum factu sit; pro se quisque, ut in quoque erat auctoritas plurimum, ad populum loquebatur.

The next morning, the men gathered early at the public meeting place; they asked what best was to be done; every one delivered his own opinions to the people according as each individual had the most weight.  

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part 2

inventus est nemo cuius non haec et sententia esset et oratio, non esse metuendum, si istius negarium scelus Lampsaceni ulti vi manuque essent, ne senatus populusque Romanus in eam civitatem animadvertendum putaret;

No-one was found of whom both the speech and opinion was not to this purpose, that it should not be feared, if the Lampsaceni had avenged that man’s atrocious wickedness by force and with their  band of men, that the Senate and Roman people would have thought that they must turn their minds to their state. 

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part 3

Quodsi hoc iure legati populi Romani in socios nationesque exteras uterentur, ut pudicitiam liberorum servare ab eorum libidine tutam non liceret, quidvis esse perpeti satius quam in tanta vi atque acerbitate versari.

because if the legates of the Roman people established this law amongst the allies and foreign nations, that it was not permitted (for them) to preserve the chastity of their children untainted by their (the Romans’) lust, then it was better to endure anything rather than to live in such violence and bitterness.

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