In Verrem Chapter 66


part 1

Rubrius istius comites invitat; eos omnis Verres certiores facit quid opus esset. 

Rubrius invited Verres' companions; Verres informed them all what there was to be done.

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part 2

Mature veniunt, discumbitur. Fit sermo inter eos, et invitatio ut Graeco more biberetur; 

They came early, they sat down to supper. Conversation took place among them, and an invitation was given to drink in the Greek fashion;

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part 3

hortatur hospes, poscunt maioribus poculis, celebratur omnium sermone laetitiaque convivium. 

The host encouraged them, they demanded wine in larger goblets, the banquet proceeded with the conversation and joy of everyone.

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part 4

Posteaquam satis calere res Rubrio visa est, "Quaeso", inquit, "Philodame, cur ad nos filiam tuam non intro vocari iubes?" 

When the business appeared to Rubrius to have gotten warm enough, he said, "I would ask of you, O Philodamus, why do you not bid your daughter to be invited here to us?"

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part 5

Homo, qui et summa gravitate et iam id aetatis et parens esset, obstipuit hominis improbi dicto. Instare Rubrius. 

The man, who was both a most dignified man, and of mature age, and a parent, was amazed at the speech of the rascal. Rubrius urged on.

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part 6

Tum ille, ut aliquid responderet, negavit moris esse Graecorum ut in convivio virorum accumberent mulieres. 

Then he (Philodamus), in order to give some answer, said that it was not the custom of the Greeks for women to sit down at the banquets of men. 

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part 7

Hic tum alius ex alia parte, "Enim vero ferendum hoc quidem non est; vocetur mulier!" et simul servis suis Rubrius ut ianuam clauderent et ipsi ad foris adsisterent imperat.

On this someone else from some other part of the room cried out, "But this is not to be borne; let the woman be summoned!" And immediately Rubrius ordered his slaves to shut the door, and to stand at the doors themselves.

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