In Verrem Chapter 64


part 1

erat comes eius Rubrius quidam, homo factus ad istius libidines, qui miro artificio, quocumque venerat, haec investigare omnia solebat.

 One of his friends was a certain Rubrius, a man made for such vices as his, who was accustomed, wherever he had gone, to find out all these things for him with exceptional cunning.  

blackening Verres character because of the company he keeps

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part 2

is ad eum rem istam defert, Philodamum esse quendam, genere, honore, copiis, existimatione facile principem Lampsacenorum;

 This man reported the following news to him, that there was a man by the name of Philodamus, in birth, in rank, in wealth and in reputation easily the first among the citizens of Lampsacus. 

asydeton to exaggerate positive qualities

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part 3

eius esse filiam, quae cum patre habitaret propterea quod virum non haberet, mulierem eximia pulchritudine; sed eam summa integritate pudicitiaque existimari.

 (and) that his daughter, who was still living with her father because she did not yet have a husband, was a woman of extraordinary beauty but that she was also considered exceptionally modest and virtuous.

implies that she is still a virgin, which foreshadows Verres wanting to sexualy assualt her. 

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part 4

homo, ut haec audivit, sic exarsit ad id quod non modo ipse numquam viderat, sed ne audierat quidem ab eo qui ipse vidisset, ut statim ad Philodamum migrare se diceret velle.

 The man, as he heard this, was so inflamed with lust for that which he had not only not seen himself, but which even he from whom he had heard it, had not seen himself, that he said he should like to go to Philodamus immediately.  

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part 5

Hospes, Ianitor, qui nihil suspicaretur, veritus ne quid in ipso se offenderetur, hominem summa vi retinere coepit

Janitor, his host, who suspected nothing, being afraid that he must have given him some offence himself, endeavoured with all his might to detain him. 

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part 6

Iste, qui hospitis reliquendi causam reperire non posset, alia sibi ratione viam munire ad stuprum coepit

Verres, as he could not find any pretext for leaving his host's house began to pave his way for his meditated violence by other steps. 

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part 7

Rubrium, delicias suas, in omnibus eius modi rebus adiutorem suum et conscium, parum laute deversari dicit; ad Philodamum deduci iubet.

He says that Rubrius, his most loved friend, his assistant in all such matters, and the partner of his counsels, is lodged with but little comfort. He orders him to be conducted to the house of Philodamus. 

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