In Verrem Chapter 62


part 1

at, credo, in hisce solis rebus indomitas cupiditates atque effrenatas habebat ceterae libidines eius ratione aliqua aut modo continebantur.

 But, I believe, in these matters alone he had untamed and unbridled desires:  the rest of his passions were restrained by some reason and moderation.  

hendiadic to show extent of Verres desires 

incrimination by emission

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part 2

quam multis istum ingenuis, quam multis matribus familias in illa taetra atque impura legatione vim attulisse existimatis?

 To how many noble virgins, to how many matrons do you think that man has offered violence in that foul and obscene magistracy?  

disrespect of the elderly

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part 3

ecquo in oppido pedem posuit ubi non plura stuprorum flagitiorumque suorum quam adventus sui vestigia reliquerit?

 In what town did he step where he did not leave more tracks of his rapes and atrocities than he did of his arrival?  

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part 4

sed ego omnia quae negari potuerunt praetermittam; etiam haec quae certissima sunt et clarissima relinquam;

 But I shall pass over everything which they are able to deny; even those things which are most evident and very well known I shall leave out;  

praeteritio- incrimination by saying that ou will not talk of a certain aspect of character or action 




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part 5

unum aliquod de nefariis istius factis eligam, quo facilius ad Siciliam possim aliquando, quae mihi hoc oneris negotique imposuit, pervenire.

 I shall choose one of that man’s abominable deeds, by which I can more easily at last arrive at Sicily, which has imposed the burden of this work on me.  

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