In such a time as this

brief notes on the aims and contents of the poems.

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Contents: A dysfunctional family living in isolation and how the colour yellow can be related to everything.

Aims: To show what an isolated family can be like.

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Brendon Gallacher

Contents: A child creates an imaginary friend who dies after the mother finds out.

Aims: To show how ; adult & childrens have a different creatativty ; death of a friend; nothing lasts forever.

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The send-off

Contents: A group of soliders march on they way to war.

Aims: A realistic interpretation of war, the tradegy that's being hidden by the goverment propganda. Wilfred owen is trying to show that many of the men going to war go and do not return.

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Electricity comes to cocoa bottom

Contents: told in 1st personthe peot expresses the exidement people had when experience electricity for the first time.

Aims: To educate the reader on the impact electicity had on proplr's life. something we take for granted bring to a community together.

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Wherever I hang

Contents: The peom talks in 1st person about a women who moves from the caribbean to U.K  and talks about the cultrual diversity.

Aims: Even if you move to a new country and asborb their cultrual you still remember you own.

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Where the scattering began

Contents: The peom talks of immagrants adaption to change.

Aims: To show there is a language barrier between cultures however there are other ways to commuicate e.g gestures. Immagrants struggle with identity between conflicting cultures.

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Death in Leamington

Contents: About/descrtbing aplace wherea old women died & the atmospere.

Aims: to describe/ show the reader a place where a lady died and thre atmosphere around her when she did. How a death of a person can be linked with there suttoundings.

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Hide and seek

Contents: 1st person narative describing a child's hide and seek game ending with the child being abonded.

Aims: Relatable game shows that there is a sinsiter side to every game.

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