In Paris with you by James Fenton

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What is In Paris with You about?

In Paris with you is recounted by the speaker whose relationship has just ended and who is now in Paris with someone else "I'm on the rebound". Suggesting that a long term relationship has recently ended and he is currently enjoying a less serious liaison. The speaker doesnt want to examine the afthermath of the serious relationship: he doesnt want to talk things over or even visit galleries or landmarks; he just wants to enjoy the moment rather than thinking of the future or the past.

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Structure of In Paris with You

The poem has four stanzas of five or six lines, with a longer stanza of nine lines in the centre, in which the mood of the poem changes. The poem has a rhyme scheme of a-b-c-c-b but the stanza in the middle uses half rhyme "Elysees" "sleazy".

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"Dont talk to me of love"

The poem opens with an emphatic negative: "Don't talk to me of love". The speaker has "had an earful" and want to stop thinking about love. "Dont talk to me of love" is repeated at the begining of two more stanzas, as he just wants to enjoy the intimacy of the relationship.

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First person addressing the lover

There are lines that hint at conversation with a lover, but we only hear one persons dialogue: "Yes I'm anry" and "Am I embarrassing you?". Making the poem feel intimiate and the reader feel invovled.

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Colloquial language

Suggesting this is an informal honest poem. Phrases such as "had an earful", "downed a drink or two" and "Doing this and that" make the poem realstic.

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Traditional couple activities replaced

Rejects the traditional concerns of romance. The famous sights of the usually romanic city of Paris are unimportant "If we skip the Champs Elysees". Instead the speaker concentrates on the "Sleazy Old hotel room" with its "crack across the ceiling" in which "walls are peeling". These details are unique to the narrator's experience of being in Paris with a lover. "I'm in Paris with the slightest thing you do" sums up the message that: being together is much more important than typical romantic loactions.

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  • Born yesterday- rejection of traditional ideas 
  • Hour- Focus on present rather then dwelling on the past or future
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