Important people for history: Medicine through time.

Just a quick overview of each person :)

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Sir Hugh Myddleton

Born : 1560        - Welsh

Died : 10 December 1631

Man made river - early 1600's    - fresh water into london.

He was part of a private enterprise - government had no input. 

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Edwin Chadwick

Report of sanitation - 1842

Free health commision.

Came up with conclusions/recommendations.

Shocked people but nothing was done. 

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Aneurin "Nye" Bevan

Left wing Welshman.

Minister of health.

Forces people to accept the NHS.

'stuffed their mouths with gold' - only the rich doctors.

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William Beveridge

British economist and social reformer.

Report on government control.

New approach to medical health.

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Joseph Bazalgette

Year of the great stink : (Cholera epidemics, the 'Great Stink' and miasmas combined to create a death rate in Britain's cities higher than at any time since the Black Death. The Government was forced to face up to the need for an urban planning policy.)

Built sewers and pumping stations.

uses portland cement - stronger than normal cement.

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David Lloyd George

NHIS - National health insurance (not  the same as the NHS)

Liberal government.

Chancellor of the excheqour.

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John Snow

Cholera map - 1854 - showed that cholera can't be down to miasmas.

Said its a water born disease - takes handle of the pump in small town and proves this to people.

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