Important people in functionalists and Marxism

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Durkheim and Parsons

Durkheim was one of the first functionalists associated with education. He believed that different institutions created stable societies. He believed that school is a mini society which passes on the norms of social societies in life. For example, in the US children have to pledge an alligence to the US flag, this proves the theory that school passes on the norms of society. 

Parsons believed that there was a bridge between family and adult roles. 

Meriocratic = hard work + effort brings rewards, allocation functions and school plays the central role in the process of socialisation. 

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Davis + Moore and Bourgeoisie

Davis and Moore were very similar to Parsons in believing in the meritocratic system. Principles of stratification and unequal rewards to motivate people. This sorts people into different positions.

The bourgeoisie are the middle class who don't care about the Proletariats. In old England the Bourgeoisie would have been the factory owners controlling the Proleitariats. 

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Basic Marxism definitions

Proletariats = working class people who were being exploited by the middle class Bourgeoisie.

False class consciousness = working class don't relise they are being exploited. Alientated working class. 

Communism = all together and all the money and wealth is shared thoughout all the classes making everyone equal. 

Capitalism = generally refers to an economic system in which the means of production are all or mostly privately OWNED and operated for profit. 

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Basic Marxism definitions continued

Karl Marx = the creator of Marxism and was negative on society, still examples of marxism in todays society such as Alan Sugar, who is millionaire and TV star compared to a homeless man living on the streets. 

Ideology is spread through education and the media. We are brainwashed into behaving a certain way in society without us even realising it. 

The economic system we have is capitalism. The owners of big businesses exploit the workers. They extract the surplus value.

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Marxist theory of education

The theoty is that the main role of education is to produce an efficent, submissive, obedient workforce to help maintain the unequal capitalist society i.e. education benefits the rich. Edication is an ideological tool that contols the Proletariats. 

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