Importance of Mumbai

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Mumbai is located on the west coast of India below the tropic of Cancer. 

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Social Importance

  • Mumbai is home to the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and the Indian Premier League (IPL)
  • The 2000s saw a growth in Bollywood's popularity overseas
  • It is the entertainment capital of India

Conculsion: Mumbai is the site of many nationally recognised organisations and industries which offers social opportunities, such as entertainment and social events. 

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Historical Importance

  • In 2012, Mumbai was reported to have 591 heritage structures
  • The Elephanta Festival is celebrated every February on the Elephanta Islands: the festival is dedicated to classical Indian dance and music

Mumbai has a rich historical context which helps to preserve traditional Indian culture and customs: for example, the Elephanta Festival celebrates classical Indian dance and music.

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Economic Importance

  • Mumbai's per capita income in 2009 was ₹486,000, which is 3 times the national average
  • It is the wealthiest city in India, with the highest GDP of any country in the south, west or central Asia.
  • Mumbai accounts for 25% of industrial output and 70% of maritime trade in India
  • Ranked among the fastest cities in the country for business startup in 2009
  • The city of Mumbai has around 1000 health centres. There are also 17 municipal hospitals which are affordable to the poor
  • The University of Mumbai is one of the premier universities in India. It was ranked 41 among 50 top engineering schools of the world.

Conclusion: Mumbai has great significance as an economic asset to India, in which it performs an essential part in India's overall trade and industry as well as offering many opportunities which help bring income into the country, such as providing high quality education and top universities.

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