Implications of relationship changes

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  • Worrying challenge to the traditional family
  • Increase in promiscuity, cohabitation, divorce, illegitimacy, single-parents = BAD
  • Easier access to divorce & abortion are worrying
  • Equal rights undermines the essential differences between genders
  • State support is costing too much - reduces individual responsibility
  • Single-parent families cannot function properly
  • Lack of traditional = educational failure, deliquency & drug abuse - UNDERCLASS?
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  • Women have less to gain from marriage
  • Divorce may help escape from conflict/violence
  • Changes are good as they reflect an increased ability to feel independent
  • Many of the problems cited from single-parents are more likely to originate from poverty or "bad homes" rather than "broken homes"
  • Lone-parenting could be the result of positive choice
  • Little incentive in gaining the low income/poor housing provided by the state.
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Does this point to the disintergration of the fami

DENNIS - many single parent families have committed fathers. Cohabitation & illegitimacy often conceal what could be nuclear families

CHESTER - most reconstituted families are "neo conventional". Biggest change is the role of the wife.

BROWN - fewer "shotgun weddings" which means more stable relationships - less rushed!

In conclusion, although the family has changed this does not necessarily mean that it has disintergrated. Some family values are still maintained thhrough many different types of household.

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