Impacts of Tourism



Tourists can frustrate locals and impede their daily lives

Traditional foods and way of life removed in order to cater for tourists


Many tourism jobe are seasonal, low skilled, part time and low paid

Profits may leak abroad from the country; the companies involved may be foriegn owned


Tourists may disturb wildlife i.e. feeding and breeding cycles

Tourism areas may become run down and tacky looking, destroyng the natural beauty the area once had.

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Increases service provision for local people e.g swimming pools, cinemas thus making the area more enjoyable for locals as well as tourists.

Cultural exchanges between people leads to greater understanding


11% of all global earnings are from tourism, around 258 billion pounds

Generates employment in the service sector- over 200 million people are employed in the tourist industy. This means people have more money to spend which benifits other buisnesses .


Tourism income may help to conserve natural landscapes, wildlife and cultural heritage.

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