Impacts of the Great Depression

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Economic Impacts of the Great Depression

6 Million Unemployed in 1933- Workplaces closed down, people could not provide for family

German Goods Became More Expensive- Less supply and more demand led to higher prices

Taxes Increased- German government needed more money so taxes rose

People Took Wage Cuts- Employers could not afford high wages

Factories Closed- High prices made most industry unprofitable, lots of bankruptcy after withdawal of American Lonas

Industry Could Not Operate- High prices of raw materiables meant industry was not viable

American Goods Market Collapsed- Imports and exports with America fell, less money

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Social Impacts of the Great Depression

Increase in Crime- People did not have money so resorted to crime as a means to survive

Homlessness Rose- Tent Cities, people could not afford rent, disease easier spred due to poor conditions

Poverty Increased- People starved, died of disease, had lower living conditions due to a lack of money

Faith Lost in Weimar- People were less supportive of new taxes, supported extremist groups who offered a soloution

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Political Impacts of the Great Depression

Middle Classes feared Economic and Political Instability- Did not want extremists, Communism would ***** them of wealth

People Feared Communism- People feared they would lose their wealth, industrialists supported nationalist parties

Votes for Extremists Increased- People turned to extremist parties who had soloutions to their problems, loss of social freedom

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Great Depression Impacts on the Weimar Republic

Unpopular Econmic Policies- Increased taxes, cut wages and reduced unemployment; unpopular and made people lose faith in Weimar

Presidential Rule- Hindenburg used article 48 to take full control of Germany; he was past his best and was controlled by business and army leaders

Rise of Extremism- People lost faith in Weimar and turned to extemism, The extremist gave people something to blame and promised soloutions; increased violence due to clashes between fascists and Communists

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Great Depression Impacts on the Nazis

Votes Increased- 107 seats in 1930, 230 seats in Jul 1932, 196 seats in Nov 1932

Increased Support- Nazis gave a scapegoat of the Jews, along with excellent propaganda to promote policies such as 'arbeit unt brote' 'work and bread' made people feel that the Nazis had a soloution

Presidential Elections- Hitler campaigned in 1932 to become President, gianed over 13 million votes but lost out to Hindenburg

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