Impact of paid work

Types of work involved.

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The trend towards equality in terms of change is due to adaptation of social values.

Research shows: Working full time wives did less domestic work.

  • Full time did 73% of housework
  • Part time did 82% of housework
  • No work did 83% of housework
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Comercialisation of housework

Emphasises economic factors.

  • Goods are now mass produced, reducing the amount of domestic labour.
  • Women working means they can afford to buy things, less dependant on men.
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Dual Burden

When a person is responsible for two jobs. Usually applied to women ( Femenists) in paid work but responsible for domestic work. 

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Emotional Work

Management of own and others emotional aspects.

Women are more likely to deal with this.

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Gender Scripts

It is argued that in civil partnerships ( Gay and Lesbian) roles are equally shared due to different interactions)

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