Impact of settlement on the indian way of life.


Impact of the Gold Rushes

In the first gold rush, which was in California, gold prospectors killed Indians.

This led to the Fort Laramie Treaty to reduce this conflict.

In the second gold rush, white settlers were trespassing on Cheyenne and Arapaho land.

This broke the Fort Laramie Treaty but the government did nothing.

In 1863, gold was discovered in Montana.

The quickest route was through Lakota Sioux lands.

This led to the Red Cloud's War against the white settlers in 1866.

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Impact of white settlement

There were new towns in California which had churches, schools and stores which was the opposite to Indian Culture.

White settlers also brought new diseases such as smallpox which was devastating.

The Homestead Act, in 1862, led to settlement on the plains this then led to conflict with new settlers.

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