Importance of Immunisation

The immunisation prgramme begins at 2 motnhs and is a way of protecting babies against serious dieses. The vachienes make babies body develop their own defence sysytem by producuing antibodies. Once immunised, a body is able to recognsie certain infections and disesaes, fighting them  off, other can be life threating.

It is very important that babies are immunised at the right age. Most can be immunised safely.

A child's health is at greater risk of disesases than the vaccines. There may be some side effects after immunisation such as sweeling at the site of an injection, a mild rash or raised temperature. 

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Immunisation Programme

2 months - DTaP, IPV, Hib and pneumococcal conjuate vaccine

3 months - DTaP, IPV, Hib and MenC Vaccine

4 months - DTAP, PIV, Hib, pneumococcal conjuate vaccine and MenC

12 months - HIB and MenC Vaccine

13 months - MMR and pneumococcal conjuate vaccine

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