Immigration Law

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Immigration law before 1914

They passed the first immigration laws, and it restricted the types of people allowed.

They stopped criminals, lunatics, people with contagious diseases and polygamists(mulltiple marriages) from entering.

A law of 1907 stopped unaccompanied children and imbeciles from entering.

Until 1914 America placed few restrictments on migrants.

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1917 - Immigration Law

  • Required all immigrants to prove they could read English, banned all immigration from Asia, charged an immigratoin fee of $8
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1921 - Emergency Quota Act

  • Number of immigrants from the 'eastern hemisphere' could only be 3% of the number already in America in 1910
  • Maximum number of immigrants in any year at 357,000
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1924 - Reed-Johnson Act

  • Maximum number in any year at 154,000
  • Quota for eastern hemisphere reduced to 2% of those already in America in 1890
  • South and East Europe only allowed to 20,000 per year, non-Europeans only 4000
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American Dream

The American Dream was the hope that if a person worked hard then even the poorest person could become richer and have a better standard of living than if they stayed in their own country.

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