Immigration Issues

Why was there a widespread fear of immigration to the USA from 1890 to 1920?

Immigration andthe problems caused...

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New Arrivals -

  • Mostly settled in large cities rather than in small towns. A mixture of immigrants from different countries seeking a better life.

"Mosaics" -

  • Tended to stick together in groups, usually from the same country. Tension between protestants as they usually are catholic. Make other Americans suspicious. Socilaising difficulties.

Religious Divide (C+P) -

  • Protestants saw themselves as more of a true US citizen. Catholics were new and un-American.
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Living Standards -

  • Found it hard to get well paid work so lead to theft and other crimes. Willing to settle for a low pay if it was better than their last. Created organisations to help each other find jobs, housing etc.

Problems -

  • Believed to have brought crime & Alcoholism. Traditions and cultures amongst a mixed population. Threat of too many changes happening too fast.

Support -

  • KKK (Disliked Black People), W.A.S.P = White Anglo Saxon Protestants...result of mass immigration. Trade Unions, opposed to firing workers for immigrants.
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Immigrants from all over (No skills/Low wages) ...

Move to the USA - Seeking a better life ...

Willing to work more hours for less meaning higher chance over non-immigrants ...

Jealousy & Tension between immigrants & workers. Battle for the better end.

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