Immigration in Italy

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  • Italy is an extreme country in terms that it has a lowest-low fertility, and oldest-old population and a latest-late age that women are having children
  • 44% of people in Italy aged 25-34 stil live at home with their parents
  • The unemployment rate for people aged 18-24 in Italy is 41.2%
  • Part-time jobs are rare
  • There is a high cost of access to mortgages and loans
  • There is a preference for owning homes rather than renting homes in Italy
  • Rented accomodation is of limited availability
  • There is a North-South divide in Italy
  • The North is more developed and modern than the South which is more traditional with very few women who are employed and low divorce rates.
  • Foreiners usually reside in the North or centre of Italy
  • In 2004 there were 4.4 million legal migrants in Italy which is 7.4% of the total population.
  • There were also several hundreds of illegal immigrants
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Natives vs Immigrants

  • The mean age of immigrants in Italy is 32 while the mean age of natives in Italy is 45.
  • 71% of Italians are homeowners compared to just 15% of immigrants
  • 17% of Italians are at risk of poverty compared to 49% of immigrants in Italy
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Main Countries of Origin for Immigrants

  • Romania - stereotypes of Romanian gypsies as being criminals
  • Albania
  • Morocco
  • China
  • Ukraine
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Variation of Immigrants in Italy

  • Skilled immigrants who fill desireable job gaps
  • Unskilled immigrants who fill undesireable job gaps
  • Asylum seekers who don't work and claim benefits
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Main Permits Issued in 2011

  • Work permits 
  • Student permits
  • Family reunification
  • Asylum requests - 80% accepted
  • Entry flow quotas set the maximum number of foreign workers who can be accepted every year for working reasons
  • Non-EU residents need a work contract in order to apply for a work permit in Italy
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  • Right-wing politicians made the central theme of the 2001 campaign illegal immigration and crime
  • One party used anti-immigration billboards in the 2008 campaign
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