Immigration Controls

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1917 Law

A law was passed that imposed a literacy test on the immigrants. This favoured the northern and western europeans as they has a better education system than other places in the world.

This favoured the white population more.

This was fairly ineffective as some of the europeans that they favoured, may have failed the literacy test.

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1921- Emergency Quotas Act

This time the quotas were based on the nationality of the people wishing to enter America at that time. This was introduced due to the ineffectiveness of the Literacy test that was scraped.

The number of people admitted into the USA in one year was limited to 3 per cent of all emigration from that country since 1910.

This favoured western and northern europeans, as these had the higher amount of people that has immigrated in the last 200 years.

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1924- National Origins Act

The 3% figure was reduced to 2% of all immigration but the year was moved back from 1910 to 1890.

This targeted Russia, Turkey, and Greece - People were victimised and it would have caused disturbances between communities which would result in violence.

The overall number of immigrants was reduced to 100,000 as after WW1, immigration soared as people were fleeing the ware zone.

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