Imaginative Writing

In imaginative writing the best marks come from the best 'stories'. It's often hard to write an excellent story in such a short space of time. The best stories are often those that have interesting clever plots with twists at the end. Here are some plot twists for you to have a think about.

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Twists and turns.

A wedding- A bride is described walking down the aisle. Written as if it was the point of view of the bride but turns out to be a jealous/younger bridesmaid or guest. 

The figure- Works best in the night. The figure is described as a man but turns out to be a woman (or vice versa) The figure could then turn out to be a mother/father of the main character. 

Naughty Child- A story is set up where someone is in an office for doing something wrong. It is written as if the person waiting outside the office is a child but turns out to be in fact a much older adult. 

Time before our own- The story is written as if it were in modern day but is revealed to be set in a time long before modern day. 

The dream- The story is made to be as if it were a dream but is in fact reality. 

Birth- A short descriptive piece about darkness turning into different colours, hearing sounds for the first time e.t.c. It keeps the reader questioning what is happening until the end when it is revealed that the person is describing being born. 

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