I'm Leavin' You

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  • Rhythm and Blues
  • Recorded 1958
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Rhythm and Metre

  • Quadruple (common) time with swung quavers
  • Backbeats
  • Continuous triplets in piano
  • Semiquavers in lead guitar fills, resulting in cross-rhythms
  • Longer note lengths in the instrumental (bar 39) 
  • Stop time 
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Melody and Word Setting

  • Predominantly syllabic, with occasional slurred passages 
  • Vocal range of an octave
  • Blue notes (e.g. Bflat)
  • Irregular phrase lengths 
  • Variations from verse to verse indicate improvisation
  • Scat style of singing (nonsense syllables)
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  • Twelve-bar blues progressions throughout (chords I, IV, V)
  • Use of 7th and 9th chords
  • Though notated in Gmajor, the frequent blue notes give the impression of Gminor 
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  • In Gmajor
  • There is no modulation
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  • Twelve-bar blues 
  • Six choruses (strophic) 
  • With intro, instrumental and coda 
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Texture and Performing Forces

  • Performed by vocal, harmonica, lead and rhythm guitars, piano, bass and drums 
  • Melody-dominated homophony, featuring stoptime 
  • Performance techniques:
    -Pitch bends
    -Double/triple-stopping in lead guitar
    -Harmonica plays chords of two and three notes  
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