Iliad Key Books

Brief summary of the key books of the Iliad for OCR

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Books 6 and 18

Book 6- Hektor in Troy

Agamamnon persuades Menelaos to kill a suppliant, Helenos tells Hektor to tell the women to pray to Athene and they do, but she shakes her head in refusal. Glaukos and Diomedes exchange guest-gifts, and Alexandros (Paris) fusses over his armour and is scolded by Hektor and Helen. Andromache goes to the Skaian Gates and she, Hektor and Astyanax have a moment, then she laments his future death.

Book 18- Thetis, Achilleus, and New Armour

Antilochos tells Achilleus of Patroklos' death and he mourns, Thetis mourns when Achilleus accepts his fated death and she gets armour from Hephaistos. Hera sends Iris to tell Achilleus that Patroklos' body is on the battlefield and gives him the divine flame when he shouts and kills 12 men. Poulydamas tells the Trojans to return to the city but Hektor ignores him and goes into battle. Achilleus takes Patroklos body and sacrifices 12 Trojan children. Hephaistos makes Achilleus' armour.

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Books 22 and 24

Book 22- The Death of Hektor

Priam sees Achilleus coming for Hektor and he and Hekabe beg him to stay, but he goes. Achilleus pursues Hektor 3 times around Troy, scene of psychostasia when Hector's fate sinks into the shades, and Athene disguises herself as Deiphobus to convince Hektor to fight. Hektor makes an agreement to honour the dead, but Achilleus refuses and kills Hektor, who begs for respect of his body, but Achilleus says he would rather eat him. The Achaians stab Hektor's body and Achilleus drags it around Patroklos' tomb. Priam mourns and Andromache laments, then Helen laments.

Book 24- Achilleus and Priam

Apollo stops Hektor's body from decomposing, Achilleus mourns. Apollo argues for Hektor, but Hera argues against him and Zeus settles a truce, telling Thetis to tell Achilleus to give Hektor's body back. Iris tells Priam to ask for Hektor's body but Hekabe wants him to stay. Priam curses his surviving sons and Hermes leads him to Achilleus. Priam begs Achilleus to think of his father and they break down, Achilleus offers him a bed and holds back the fighting for 12 days so they can have a funeral for Hektor. Hermes urges Priam to leave with Hektor's body. Andromache laments, Hekabe laments, and Helen laments. They burn Hektor's body and bury the bones.

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