Ideas About Atomic Structure


Ideas About Atomic Structure

Dalton's Model

  • Atoms are solid, indvisible balls

The Electron

  • Experiments with electrolysis showed that atoms could form ions
  • The plum pudding model was developed - atoms were a positively charged sphere with negative electrons embedded within it

The Nucleus

  • Rutherford fired alpha particles at a thin sheet of gold and found that most passed through but some were deflected backwards
  • The nuclear model of the atom explained this evidence
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Ideas About Atomic Structure

Atomic Number

  • Moseley discovered that atomic number is what determined which element an atom is

The Neutron

  • Chadwick found that uncharged particles (neutrons) were released when he bombarded a thin sheet of beryllium with alpha particles

The Bohr Model

  • This model describes electrons being in fixed orbits around the nucleus
  • This explained why electrons didn't crash into the nucleus
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