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advantages / disadvantages of keyboards...

  • they are very reliable as a means of data input both for alphabet characters and numerals.
  • computers are normally supplied with them so that it is not necessary to buy additional equipment
  • there are keyboards for disabled people - concept keyboards 

  • however, not all users can type quickly or accurately
  • some people may be unable to use keyboards, EG if they suffer paralysis.
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advantages / disadvantages of using touch screen

  • no extra peripherals are needed  except the monitor.
  • very useful in situations when mouse is dirty or wet or when users are standing or moving about

  • it is not suitable for inputting large amounts of data
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advantages / disadvantages of optic mark readers

  • it has the advantage that details do not have to be typed in, typing takes time can can introduce errors
  • it reduces the cost of inputting large volumes of data because people do not need to type in the details
  • it is useful when the results of a test are needed quickly - test for a job

  • the optical mark readers must have the forms filled out correctly with presice instructions otherwise they will not be read correctly
  • any damage creasing, folding, dirt may prevent them to be read correctly
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advantages / disadvantages of screens as outputs

  • they provide hign speed change of diplay, can include text, graphics and colours
  • make no noise 
  • do not waste paper

  • it does not produce a permantent copy
  • unsuitable for users with visual problems
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advantages / disadvantages of ink-jet printers

  • prints in colour and can be as good as photographs
  • they take up much less space than laser printers are are almost silent in operation
  • they are slower than lazer printers but less expensive to buy
  • they do not work well on paper that is absorbant as the wet ink droplets tend to spread before they can dry
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advantages / disadvantages of laser printers

  • they are fast and produce high quality output
  • can recyle the toner cartriges 
  • they are very expensive
  • the ink must be replaced as soon as they run out 
  • ink can also be expensive
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Thank you I was just making some powerpoints on this stuff and this is what I needed. :)

Have a look at them when can. :)

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