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a school canteen uses a new computerised system. How is it going to affect students and staff?

  • making it much quicker to get your lunch
  • not employ as many staff
  • longer lunch
  • makes sure that the totals of prices are accurately totald up
  • reduces theft of money

They then want to add a user guide, what should be included

  • screen shots of it
  • touble shooting instructions
  • hardware requirements
  • help support details
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what are the differences between main internal memory and secondary / backing storage?


  • stores current instuctions and data beign used
  • directly addressable
  • same access for all locations


  • stores more data than main
  • stores data not in current use
  • can be optional or flash memory
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what are the advantages and disadvantages of using CAL at school?


  • can work in your own time and own pace
  • improves performance
  • motivationsteaches can then spend more time with the students


  • it is very expensive
  • students may not like ICT
  • student and teacher may not communicate
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how can scanning software be used to alter the image?

    • change size
    • change colour
    • enlarge / rotate image

what is the username used for?

used to identify you as yourself

what is the password used for?

needed to make sure that only you can enter you files and see them

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The network is connected to the Internet by a digital telephone line, why it is not necessary to use a modem for this?

Becasue there is no need becasue it is already in digital

how could you make the presentation mmore interesting using multimedia software?

  • different fonts
  • different colours
  • pictures
  • videos
  • use sound
  • bullet points
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what is the homepage?

the main page you come to when you type in that website

how would you move to another website?

  • moving on by hyperlink
  • icon link
  • toolbar link
  • search link
  • new URL link

other things on a website other than text and graphics

  • pictures
  • videos
  • animations
  • audio files
  • search engines        hyperlinks       download links
  • frames
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What can databases be used for?

they are used to sort data into different groups, search data, enter new data records

What are the advantages of using a simutlator?

  • safer than real life
  • much cheaper in the long term
  • can repeat different senarieos
  • set conditions accurately
  • instructions are not needed

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sensors are fitted to a robot, name two sensors that can be used to detect an obstacle and how they are used?

sensor 1 = light

how used = see of there is a drop in light

sensor 2 = sound

how used = detects sound reflected back from obstacle 

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Why would you use CD-ROM for movie strips?

  • has a larger capacity than a floppy disk
  • they can be used on all computers
  • much cheaper

how would sammy create a report?

  • analysis
  • table
  • illustrations
  • headings

how to get pictures onto a presentation?

  • get from camera
  • clipart
  • artis drawings
  • scanner
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