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Dot Matrix

  • Impact printers
  • There is physical contact between the print head and the paper through an inked ribbon
  • Can print in colour and black and white
  • Can print on multi-part stationary (carbon forms)
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Ink Jet

  • Spray ink onto the paper
  • Relatively cheap
  • Available in black and white or colour
  • Relatively cheap to run as only replaceable component is the cartridge
  • Used in homes and offices where the cost of colour laser is too much
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  • High resolution
  • Non-impact that use a similair method to photocopiers
  • They are reliable 
  • Produce excellent quality in both colour or black and white
  • Running costs are high as toner will need replacing
  • Drum and fuser unit replacements also expensive
  • Used where high quality and fast output is required
  • Found in businesses, homes and schools as they become cheaper to buy
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  • Mechanical device which provides printout using vector or coordinate graphics
  • Used to draw accurate line diagrams
  • Mainly maps and building plans

Two types of plotter:

  • Flat-bed plotter- where the paper stays still and the pen moves
  • Drum Plotter- where the paper is on a drum which moves in one direction which the pen moves across it at right angles
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