Ict- Information processing


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is raw facts and figures e.g. readings from sensors or survey facts

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is processed data

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is derived from information which has rules applied to it.

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Garbage in Garbage Out

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Advantages of coding data

  • takes up less memory
  • faster to input
  • easier to do searches on standardised data
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Advantages of using a computer to process data

  • Improved speed of processing
  • improved speed of searches and sorts
  • A variety of outputs available
  • improved variety of services
  • increased security
  • less storage space used
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disadvantage of using a computer to process data

  • cost of purchasing a computer
  • over reliable
  • power cuts
  • Transcription/typing errors
  • transposition errors
  • data entered into the wrong format
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  • Range checks-data is between stated ranges
  • format checks-dates
  • presence checks-there must be a character present in a particular place
  • check digits-number added to a code
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