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Defenitions of key terms

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A file you can send along with an email.

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The smallest amount of information that a computer can store.

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A website that is used like a diary to discuss what they have been doing or

other events.  People can read the entries and post comments as feedback.

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A software application that provides a way to view and interact with pages on

the World Wide Web.

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A series of 8 bits. One character on a keyboard is a single byte.

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A small text file that is stored on your computer when you visit some websites. They can help the site identify you so you don't have to re-enter personal information everytime you visit.

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Al the data about a person or thing. Made up of fields.

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Storing data in a structured a logical way.

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Application Software

Computer programmes that are designed to carry out specific tasks.

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Bulletin Board

Online discussion pages where people can post messages and get responses from other people.

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The data file is unreadable.

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The part of the computer that does the most data processing.

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Raw figures or words with no context or meaning.

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Scrambling data to make it secure. Only the users with the key and the code can unscramble and read the data.

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Replacing data with a code the shortens it.

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Column headings in database tables, they are part of a record.

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Software or hardware that limits the data that can be sent to or from a computer, preventing unauthorised access.

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