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what they are..

They are used when  you need to store a lot of data

data is organised into fields and records

the key field contains an item that is unique to that record - no records are the same in the key field

they are good becasur if it is really large then you can search for that person - less than <, more than >, equal to =, not equal to <>

they can also be sorted - you choose a field and then the records are sorted into order using the entries of the field

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pros of databases

  • they are a fast and efficient way of storing and accessing large volumes of data
  • much less storage space is required compared to a paper based system where they are likely to get lost
  • searching for data is quicker and easier than paper based records
  • it is easier to perform calculations and use databases to create other documents
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cons of databases

  • large databases require expensive computer hardware and software
  • users have to be trained in how to use them properly
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