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Key Aspects

  • Race made up of six stages
  • Each stage between 150-200km
  • Races start in a main town and must finish at the same one
  • 2 stages must include 2 climbs
  • 1 stage must be a sprint
  • All 9 towns (highlighted in bold) must be visited
  • Climb stages can include 2 category 1 climbs or 1 category 1 (9%) and 1 category 2 climb (7%)
  • Climbs must be longer than 10km
  • Sprint stage must not have a climb of more than 5% at any point
  • All stages must be reset (no path) for changes to be made
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  • All roads are open and accessible
  • Assume traffic is not an issue
  • You do not have to visit every checkpoint
  • There is a town hall in all towns
  • It doesn't matter which stages contain climbs or sprint
  • Weather conditions wont affect the race
  • Every place of interest is a checkpoint
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  • What town to start and finish in - you can only do six
  • Which points of interest to visit
  • How many points of interest to visit
  • Which stages are normal, climbs or a sprint
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  • Towns can be visited more than once - would be better if you could not reselect them
  • Spreadsheet can't be reset and stages needed a macro to reset no path
  • Do we really need height and height above sea level
  • Roads with a 7% or 9% inclination should be highlighted
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