Future developments

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Emerging technologies

Robotics: Lawn mowers, vacuum cleaners. Improve our standard of living. save time, better social life, low maintenance no cables. accesible to those who may not have been able to do these tasks before such as the elderly.

Nanotechnology: Tiny technology.

Cognitive science: Study of the mind looking at how knowledge is obtained and used. Embracing philosphy, physcology to build systems which behave in a simular way to the way we think.

Biotechnology: Technoloogy based on biology turning into ict such as robotics.

Flexible screens: can be folded and rolled up, really thin. Only need small amount of power to operate, so better for environment.

Face recognition: Help police

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Implications of future developments and future use

Social IssuesChanges in the way spend their leisure time, rise in obesity, stress caused by change. 

Economic: Technology price drops, online shopping benefits, less unskilled jobs, digital divide.

Environmental: Ink cartridges refilled, Paper less office, Reduced road conjestion.

Ethical: Watched by authorities, Doing own work in organisations time, lack of privacy on search engines, dna database.

Legal: International law issues, new legislation developed, increase in banking = increase data = increased fraud.

Technical: Longer battery life, large storage capacity  in small devices, innovative interfaces.

Cultural: way we buy music, watch tv changed , globilisation, different approaches to information, freedom china and iran. Change in how we spend leisure time.

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Further impacts and benefits

Benefits on society:  Higher standard of living, improvement in health and life expectancy, more intelligent systems such as robots, flexible working anytime banking/shopping anywhere.

Problems with new technolgy: violent video's, encyption by terroists, illegal sharing of copyright material, loss of privacy, throwaway society, addictions.

Impact on how organisations are run: Remote working possible, Greater opportunity for staff to misuse systems, more training, customers expectations for goods to arrive quickly,have a website with e commerce capabilities so customers can buy on line any time of the day.

The impact on individuals as consumers and workers: difficult to maintain barriers between work and play, constant interrptions cause annoyance, friction at home.

The impact on indivduals as workers: Changes to skills required, changes to organisational structure, changes in work patterns.

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