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Social Networking & Online Work Spaces

Social Networks: Websites that allow users to post personal messages, photos and media. People have usernames and passwords which allow access to personal space online. Data can be shared with 'friends'.

IM (Instant Messaging): Chat with someone else in real time. This happens by sending typed messages

Blogs: Online noticies that appear as part of a website. Blogs may contain ordinary text articles or videos.

VoIP: Speak to someone over the internet. Cheap, but if you have a slow internet connection speed, they quality of the call may be affected.

Online Work Spaces

Podcasting allows users to listen to or watch content posted online. Users share knowledge. Forums allow online discussions to take place between users. Monitored for offensive language.

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VLEs & User Generated Reference Sites

  • Persoalised learning: resources aimed at individuals/groups of students
  • Lesson plans and content: added by teacher
  • Personalised Learning Space: Students can have their own space which they can personalise and add to.
  • Notice Boards: Announcements can be made, such as exam dates
  • Assessment: Students can take assessment tests and keep track of their progress
  • Parental Access: Parents can see what students are learning about and check homework

User-Generated Reference Sites

  • Created by a group of people that worked collaboratively. Users add their own content. May not be completely accurate, often not covered by copyright law.
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