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Like Water for Chocolate, A Doll's House and Literary Conventions

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e.g. when Nora is trying to get Torvald to give her money at the beginning – hints that money will be important

Setting – perfect house; hints that society is constrained

Hints that she will lose

Hiding the macaroons (‘hide’ is the first word of the text)

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Macaroons = a symbol of something that Nora truly wants and desires and is forbidden from having – shoes she is unhappy

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Krogstad Fraud – ironical Nora doing exactly what he is describing

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Extended Metaphor

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Title – Doll’s House imaginary used throughout the whole play

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Character Foils

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Dr Rank = a foil for Torvald – he listens; he is very different in his interactions with Nora

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Perfect house – not what it seems

Precise – symbol of rules of society

One house – claustrophobic feeling II Nora

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