The process of hydrogenation of unsaturated fats.

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Unsaturated oils can be made harder

Unsaturated vegetable oils are liquid at room temperature.

They can be hardened by a process called Hydrogenation.

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In the presence of a nickel catalyst, hydrogen is reacted with the oil at 60'C.

The reaction opens the double bonds between the carbon.


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Unsaturated:  - Low melting point

Liquid (room temp)

- Double bonds

Saturated:  - Higher melting point

- Solid-ish (room temp)

- Single bonds

In margarine, if all the unsaturated fats are hydrogenated, it would be too hard. Therefore, hydrogenating most of them make it spreadable.

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Very good explanation! could do with saying that Unsaturated fats are better for you because your body can break down the double bonds and cannot break down the single bonds in Saturated fats.

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