Hurricane Katrina

Case Study of Hurrican Katrina (MEDC)

[Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana]

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Location (Data) / Prepare / Facts & Effects

29th August 2005 - 9:45am

Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana (USA)

Category - Started at 2, went up to 5 when over the sea.

Hurricane watch along the Gulf Coast

Gathered resources in areas outside the impact zone

Notified everyone, evacuated them

1800 people killed - Drowned in flood waters - lay in streets or floated in water for days

10,000 homeless - use Superdome for shelter ( Some people couldn't get there)

No electricity

Roads damaged and bridges collapsed

Shortage of food and no access to clean water - problems of contaminated water

Violent winds, Storm surges, River floods and Land slides

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Was it effective?

NO - There was a lot of damage even though they knew that the Hurricane was coming. Also, because President Bush declared a state of emergency to the Inner Cities and not the Coastal Areas - this is where there would be more damage than anywhere else. It was also hard for people to get to the Superdome, should have thought about access to it.

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