Hunter Committee

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Hunter Committee (Hunter Report) 1920

Who: Initiated by Montagu who was angered by the massacre report, it was led by Lord Hunter the chairman of the Hunter committee.

What: A committee set up in search of the truth behind the Amritsar Massacre. They got evidence from Inidians and Dyer to confirm what had happened, Dyer said he would have razed Amritsar to the ground to set an example of them. Dyer also admitted that he would have used the machine guns if he could have got the armoured cars into the Jallianwala Bagh; and that he had contiuned firing until his ammunition was exhausted, regardless of the effect on the crowd, he wanted to punish the Punjabis because they had been 'naughty boys'.The Hunter committee roundly censured Dyer.

Why: British needed to make amends with the Indians and find out the truth before reprimanding anyone.

Aftermath: Dyer was forced to resign. A Punjab Sub-committee was formed it reported of the 'contempt and distrust' between the Indians and British, also of the 'inhumanity towards utterly innocent' people. The three Indian members of the Hunter Committee condemned Dyer and O'Dwyer.

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