Humans effect on the environment

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Global warming

- Different to greenhouse effect, as this is essential for life

- Caused by greenhouse gases (CO  and methane)

 Increase temperature can cause:

  -Changes in climate

  -Sea level rise

  -Reduce in biodiversity

  -Change in migration patterns

  -Change in species distribution

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Tropical areas- Land needed for agriculture and homes and timber burning/ fuel

- Increases CO  relased by burning and micro-organisms

- Reduces CO  being taken up by plants

- Reduces biodiversity

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- Made from rotting plants and water - cannot decompose fully

- Forms over 360 million years, is the early stages of coal production

- contain HUGE ammounts of CO  and methane

- Composts are increasingly becoming peat free to reduce CO  and methane into environment

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-Glucose- from maize starch- carbohydrase

-Glucose and sugar cane juices fermented by yeast- produce ethanol

-Distillation extracts ethanol

-Ethanol- fuel

-Carbon neutral

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Human food productiuon efficiency

- Reduce number of stages in food chain

- Keep animals indoors, less energy used maintaining body temperature

- Restrict movement, less energy used in movement

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