Humanistic Approach

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Basic Assumptions

  • Every person has their own unique way of percieving and understanding the world 
  • People are self-determining as they have choices about the way that they think and act which aren't determined by biological or other external factors 
  • People have an innate desire to self-actualise, it is only possible if there is congruence 
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  • Rogers Client Centred therapy - aims to increasse a clients self-worth and decrease incongruence between the self-concept and the ideal self 
  • The client is encouraged to discover their own solutions in a supportive atmosphere which provides unconditional positive regard
  • Focuses on the present rather than dwell on the past like psychoanalysis 
  • Widely used in health, education and industry
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Positive Evaluation

  • It has had a significant contribution in improving people's quality of life 
  • Uses unstructured interviews as it aims to understand subjectivity, this provides ric, qualitative data 
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Negative Evaluation

  • Uses non-scientific reserach methods, these are impossible to replicate and interpretation may be subject to reseracher bias
  • Positive view of human nature may not be realistic when you consider domestic violence, genocides etc
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Stance on Debates

  • Free will (only approach), also suggests it is determined by the way people treat us
  • Nature and nurture 
  • Holistic
  • Idiographic 
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