Human Resource Planning


  • Recruitment has become increasingly important within the new competitive environment.
  • Mistakes from line or senior managers can create oppotunity costs for a firm.
  • The objective of recruitment is to employ the right worker at the right time for the right job and to allow him or her to be productive.
  • Recruitment methods are now changing.
  • People are now using:
    • The internet
    • Specialized global recruitment agencies
    • Social Networking
    • Psychological profiling and psychometric testing
    • Longer interview- some over a number of days.
  • These are designed to minimize the chance of poor appointment.
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  • Recruitment has a number of different purposes:
    • Looking for workers or new managers in addition to current staff.
    • Covering contingencies such as staff illness, leave, sabbaticals or seasonal factors.
    • Promoting line managers or heads of department or divisions

Internal and External Recruitment:


  • Can be a powerful motivating factor for young managers wanting to move upwards
  • Cheaper, but may encourage firms to be too inward-looking, thus no now ideas and perspectives.
  • Encourage informal network and groups that champion their own selections.


  • Time consuming
  • Can remove a significant amount of work for the firm and minimize disruption
  • Expensive
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Appraisals jugde performances but can also be highly motivating for both employess and employers

Positive Consequences:

  • The employer has the opportunity to restate objectives and vision for the company.
  • The employer can praise high-performing workers and reaffirm their role in the future of the organization, thus aiding the retention of key workers.
  • The employee may get a chance to voice concerns about the organization's direction, giving them an opportunity to channel frustration. Management hear about 'grass-roots' problems and are able to pre-empt future conflict.

Many companies leave appraisal process to the end of the financial year. Others are more flexible, but it depends on the organisation.

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