Human relationships - OCR Christianity

I give you the notes inthe PEED structure and strengths/weaknesses.

Human relationships

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Human Relationships:


p)Men and women are equal but have different  roles in the family/church

e)'Wives must submit to their husbands'

'Women  must not speak out at church'

e)Women are mothers/wives. Men protect and lead the family in Churchly matters.

d)BUT: Many Catholics do recognize women in the Chruch as in Catholicism, Mary, the mother of God is seen as very important

Strengths: I think this is weak because gender does not always refelect talent e.g. a female may be a terrible cook.

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Church of England

 p)Men and women are equal.

e)'There is neither male nor female in the eyes of Jesus Christ'

e) Have female vicars/priests. Jesus does not discrimate so how can we?

d) But traditional christians such as Martain Luther believe that a woman's role in life is to have children and in the Bible god is always referred to as 'He'.

Strenghts: I think Martain Luther's is strong because for some literal Christians the Bible is the direct word of God.

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p)All men and women are equal

e) The universal declaration of human rights 'All human beings are born free and equal'

e) Roles in the family or in  a church should be based on talents and gifts regardless to gender.

d) But in Genesis, as a punishment god made Eve go through the pains of labour and Adam had to work hard all day. Therefore, these must be the roles God intended for males and females.

Strengths: My own sense of morality suggests that women shoud be treated equally to men.

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Roman Catholicism

p )Marriage is a sacrament that cannot be undone. It is permanent

e)Rings represent eternity

-e)'God has joined them together, let them not seperate'

e) Marriage is special and shoud last forever.

d) However, some Catholics decide to get an annulment. This means the marriage was never valid to start with. e.g. if the partner does not want to have children/was forced to be married.

Weakness: Many Christians go against this and do get divorced. Statistics shows that 45per cent of all marriages end in divorce. So, it suggests that 'eternity' is not realistic.

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p) Marriage is a gift from God

e) The Gospel is read during the ceromony. It is usually the story about Jesus' first mircale which he had reserved for a Wedding at Cana

e) This shows marriage is god-given.

d) Many Christians may say that the true gift is finding someone who you love and loves you back. Marriage simply shows your commitment.

Strenghts: This is strong because it comes from the New Testement, which is regarded to be more important than the Old because they are believed to be actual life accounts of God's Son, Jesus.

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p)Marriage is a special union from God

e)Christian marriages take place in a church to show that God is present in the marriage.

e) Genesis states that man and woman are joined to become 'one flesh'.

d) Some Christians have civil ceromonies.

Weakness: God is supposed to be omni-present, so he is everywhere and not just in the Church.

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p)Marriage is a legal binding between a man and woman which is recognised by the law.

e) Marriage is showing commitent and it is more than a just a ceromony

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DIVORCE (& remarriage)

Roman Catholics:

p) Divorce is wrong

e) 'What God has brought together. Let man not seperate'.

e) Marriage is a sacrement. Therefore, it cannot be undone.

d) Some Catholics get an annulment which means the marriage was never valid to begin with e.g. if the partnet does not intend on having children or if you had been forced into it.

Strengths: I think this is strong because during the sacrament, is is believed that you becoming 'closer' to God. Therefore, getting a divorce would not be the will of God.

(remarriage: would be seen as adultery. 'Do not commit adultery'. )

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p) Divorce should try and be avoided

e) 'Till death do us apart'

e) Getting a divorce would be breaking a promise to yourself, to your partner and to God.

d) But the Church of England often accept divorce

Strengths: The vows are a public declaration, so breaking them would be a serious act.

(remarriage is like a second chance, but it must be difficult for children to adjust.)

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p) Divorce should try and be avoided but is sometimes acceptable

e) The Bible says divorce is a sin 'except for marital unfaithfulness'.

e) This can be inertrepted liberally. If the partner is 'unfairthful' to their words/vows, then a divorce should be accepted.

d) A fundamentalis may argue that it is agains the will of God.

Strengths: This comes from the gosepl of Mathew which is from the New Testement, which Christians regard as highly important as if is during the lifetime of Jesus.

(Remarriage should be seen a celebration for the chance of a new relationship but the Bible says 'she must reamin umarried' when talking about a woman who recently seperated from her husband)

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p) Divorce is acceptable

e) Often puts an end to conflicts

e) Can often be the best solution as results in peace for the entire family including the children

d) Humanist try to avoid marrigae by attending marriage council sessions to try and resolve conflicts

Weakness: A christian may say that marriage shoud not be entered into lightly and that conflicts shoud not be a reason to divorce.

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Roman Catholics:

p) Some liberal Catholics believe homosexuality is acceptable but homosexual sex is wrong.

e) 'You must not lie with a man, as with a woman'.

e) It is not how God intended. God made females and males to be together.

d) Some fundamental Catholics believe homosexuality is wrong altogether.

Weakness: In the Bible, Jesus has never spoken against homosexuality.

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P) Homosexuality is accepted

e) 'Love they niegbour, as thy self'.

e) Natural part of some people. As long as it is in a commited, faitful relationship it is acceptable.

d) Adam and Eve/Mary and Joseph are seen as the perfect couples in the Bible. There are no idealistic, homosexual couples in the Bible

Strength: The quote is believed to have directly come from Jesus and the messgae of unconditional love is often repeated by him, making it a very clear message for Christianity.

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p) Homosexuality should be celebrated. (It is a god given gift)

e) UDOHR 'All human beings are born free and equal...regardless of sexual orientation', (The Bibe often says that people are the children of God)

e) All people are equal, homosexuality is a natural part of some people. (God loves us all the same)

d) But for many Catholics, the purpose of marriage  is to have a children, which homosexual couples cannot do.

Strengths: Christians are not supposed to judge others and just love everyone equally.

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SEX + contraception

Roman Catholics:

p) to procreate
e) 'Children are a reward from Him'
e) Therfore, sex is speical and should be used to do good things.
d) There are other reasons to have sex e.g. for pleasure, to express love, to develop a relationship into a deeper level.
- Strengths: The idea of children encourages people to save it for a marriage, which makes sure that sex is between two loving people, which I feel is morally good.
p) should not be used unless it is a natural form e.g. rhythm method.
e) 'Must remain open to the transmission of life' Humane Vitae
e) It acts as a barrier and interferes with God's plan
d) The Pope recently said that contraception was acceptable to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS, although not to have sex before marriage.
Weakness: Humane Vitae does not come from God and was written by a Pope.

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Cof E

p) some encourage people to stay pure until marriage
e) Silver Ring thing, True Love Waits are organisations that do this. Teenagers take a pledge of abstinence.
e) Sex is special and so should be taken seriously. This can be certain if it is within marriage
d) It can be taken seriously within a commited relationship
Weakness: Can be seen as an outdated and unrealisticconcept.


p) accepted
e) The quality of life is often seen as important.
e) Contraception spaces out the family and provides fulfilment in marriage.
d) Catholics prefer natural forms of birth control
Strength: needed in a world where the population is growing so rapidly.

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p) sex is a celebration
e) The Song of songs in the Bible describe sexual love
e) Sex expresses love, deepens a relationship and is for pleasure.
d) Sex should be however within a comitted relationship
Weakness: St. Paul often talks about sexual restraint.


p)People should decide for themselves.
e)  Listen to their conscience, which is the voice of God.
e) It does provide a fulfiment in marriage but shoud not be just to avoid having children.

Strengths: Allows people to make an informed decision.

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p) Acceptable to view sex for pleasure
e) Fulfills a relationship and creates a bond between the man and woman.
d) should be within a loving relationship
Weakness: it is viewed to be very special by many Christians.


p) It is a good thing
e) It results in every child being a wanted child. So it must be a good thing
d)but people should have a responsible attitude to their sexual behaviour

Strenghts: they dismiss the natural order but see a responsibilty in sex. so, do not accept prostitution.

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