Human Nutrition

These cards will help with Human Nutrition for the IGCSE exam board (Tripple Science! and Double!)

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A Balanced Diet.......

A Balanced diet is a diet that contains all the different components that make up a healthy diet.

* Fibre

* Carbohydrates

* Proteins

* Vitamins

* Minerals

* Fats

* Water

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e.g. Sugar and Starch

Why do we need it?   It is used by the cells to release energy, it is allso the bodies fuel.

Sources of Carbohydrates

Rice, potato, bread, pasta for Starch. 

Fruit and vegetables for Sugars.

Lactose - Milk            Sucrose - Cakes

Fructose - Fruit

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Why do we need it? It is used to make new cells and enzymes, to build muscles, bones, hair and to repair injured tissue.


Sources of Protein -

Meat, fish, cheese, nuts, pulses etc.




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Why do we need it? It is used as insulation, for long term storage and prtects organs from damage.


Sources of Fats - meat, butter, milk, oil etc.

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Lauren Carpenter


Hey katie this is great... did you use the textbook for this?



No, I have a sheet with all the info on but I thought it would be easier to revise from the cards!

i stillhave more to make :( they take ages!!!!! 

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