Human Nutrition

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  • Made up of simple sugars
  • Contain carbon, hydrogen and oxygen
  • Starch and glycogen are large complex carbohydrates which are made up of smaller units of glucose or maltose molecules in a long chain.
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  • Made up of Amino acids
  • Contain carbon, nitrogen hydrogen and oxygen otems.
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  • Lipids made up of fatty acids and glycerol 
  • Lipids contain carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms.
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How to test for Glucose?

  • Add Benedict's Reagent to a sample and heat it. If it's positive, it'll go from BLUE to GREEN to YELLOW to ORANGE to BRICK RED.
  • The higher the concentration of glucose, the further the colour change goes - used to compare glucose in different solutions.
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How to test for Starch?

  • Add iodine to test.
  • If starch is present, it'll go from browny-orange to a dark blue-black colour.
  • If there's no starch, it'll stay browny-orange.
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