Human Activity Deflecting Succession

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  • Carried out to get wood for timber or fuel, or to make space for farming
  • Removing the trees reduces soil quality as it takes nutrients out of the ecosystem that would otherwise be returned to the soil by leaf fall or tree death. Fewer types of plants can grow in the poor soil
  • This means the resulting plagioclimax has hardy shrubs, e.g.heather
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Animal Grazing

  • Domesticated animals kept for meat (or other products) often graze for their food
  • Small plants and saplings are eaten or destroyed by trampling before they get a chance to grow
  • This means the resulting plagioclimax has fast growing grasses and plants, e.g. dandelions. There are very few trees and shrubs
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Clearance by Fire

  • To clear an area for farming, to control the plants growing in an area, or to improve the soil in an area (ash is a fertiliser)
  • All the plants are destroyed, and the fastest growing types of plants re-colonise the area
  • This means the resulting plagioclimax has fast-growing plants, whose roots aren't damaged by fire, e.g. heather
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  • To plant trees for timber
  • The trees in an area may be cleared to make way for the new saplings. Only one species is planted and managed (monoculture), so this species dominates
  • This means the resulting plagioclimax having managed areas, like forestry plantations humans control the plagioclimax, e.g.planted pine forest
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