Hulme City Challenge Partnership



  • Redeveloped as part of a slum clearance programme in the 1960's
  • High rise, crescent flats with deck access were built.
  • Of 5,500 dwellings 98% were council owned
  • In 1992 plans were drawn up to build 3000 houses with new shopping area, roads and community facilities 
  • Brought together organizations such as The Guiness Trust, Bellway Homes and Manchester City Council. £37.3 million pound investment
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  • Social; crime has been greatley reduced, greater social mix, community services such as the zion art centre, 40000 houses
  • Economic; 53000 jobs created, 3000 new buisnesses established, office development  with manc uni data centre, redevelopment of shopping centre and new ASDA
  • Environmental; green areas have been developed (Brierly fields),
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